Michael Abramson
Michael Abramson, Author


Michael B Abramson (aka Poetic Always) was born in Minneapolis Minnesota,
where he spent a good portion of his early life before moving to California.
With the background of a Garrison Keeler, and the foresight and persistence of a Winston Churchill, he can be a bundle of laughs, and yet at other times a picture of complacency
engrossed in deeper and more meaningful thoughts.
His books of, "EXPECTORATIONS," are but a small part of this man's inner self,
revealed to us in a relatively simplistic form.
Besides being a collector of words and thoughts, the author is a man of many interests. He is a collector of beautiful and often unique objects of art, including the stained-glass pieces you see on this site. As a detailed stained glass window reveals a myriad of changing colors and images of light, so changes the meaning of the author's thoughts and words with his adept use of the English language.
Aside from his creative writing and other numerous talents, the author designs antique African Trade Bead necklaces. Click here to see or purchase one of his beautifully designed unique pieces.

He is a complex, yet in many ways a simple person, a physician, and a teacher, who has spent most of his life showing compassion for others, and helping to bring new life into this world. He has a deep respect forall women, and has delivered thousands of babies. He has helped that many and more women, and their families,to lead happy and fruitful lives. He has been inside the minds of thousands of women, and knows as much as anyone could about them, yet he is the first to admit that no one will ever completely discover what drives such beautiful and complicated beings. He is now pursuing some of his many interests with hope of publishing more of his thoughts to leave for his children and others.

Dr. A. has an unsurpassed sense of humor, and the ability to play mind games with English words. Language, life, love, and laughter, might be his creedos. He himself said: "The world is my playground, and words are what I eat for lunch." His humor and thoughts, are all expressed freely, and with refreshing openness, intending on harming no one. He has many friends, but few close enough with whom to share many of his feelings. We might gather insight into this man by trying to interpret what is between, and behind some of the lines in his enclosed writings, which he describes as: "Spitting images from a man of many words." Besides being a raconteur, he is a loving father, and a person of integrity; a portrait of an artist, perhaps, perhaps not; but a portrait of a kind, unassuming, humble man, willing to share his humor, knowledge, and love with others.